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Lint only touched files with Webpack

Recently I had to add a linter on a project in which the codebase was never linted before. I am talking about a big codebase in which a team have worked on it for years already. Obviously, the amount of … Continue reading

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Be careful with your fix!

I think many times the code grows wrong (also) because of some wrong solutions… Little example: yesterday I was sending an email by Gmail, an attachment was included to the mail. Correctly, I wasn’t able to send the mail (clicking … Continue reading

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Code readibility: little zoom on Implements from MooTools

I would like to spend a few lines about the Implements feature, from MooTools. Like many other frameworks / toolkits, MooTools provides utilities for DOM manupulation, effects, etc… but what i really enjoy is the way it provides writing code, … Continue reading

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Vim hot stuff: marks

In the (new) “vim hot stuff” section, i would like to post about those Vim’s features that, when you meet them the first time, you think: “UAO! That is cool! How did i survive without it so far?”. The best … Continue reading

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Git: how to rewrite the branch history

Quick tip for those git users that, like me, make a lots of commits in their working branch and want to keep only the last one, before send the branch to production. Yes, the idea is to use this method … Continue reading

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Coding tips: accessing the data structure

I think it is really important keep the code more general and flexible as possible; one rule, that i would like to introduce here, is to use the right level of abstraction when accessing the data structure elements, trying to … Continue reading

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A “Class” function to define classes in Javascript with MooTools like syntax

Updated the 08/02/2013 I really enjoy to organize my Javascript code as objects and get profit by using inheritance. “Approaching Javascript as Javascript and not as Java”, i read that so many times; Javascript is / can be OOP and … Continue reading

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